Sunday Inspirational Photo: Dreaming Big in RVA!

I  watched the NFL Hall of Fame ceremony last night. And of course, all of the inductees were very proud, appreciative, and humble. All but one inductee said that they never dreamed of being in the Hall of Fame. The one person who did say he had  that dream was Deion Sanders. For the record, “Prime Time” is one of my favorite athletes/personalities of all time. But long story short, his speech was about dreaming big. Deion always dreamed big and expected greatness. Not enough people dream big or expect greatness today – because of fear or the hard realities of life. Deion’s quote was, “If your dream isn’t bigger than yourself, there is something wrong with your dream.” I believe that everyone has God given talent to do amazing things and life is about finding the right opportunity to make it happen. Keep pushing and plotting out new dreams. Find that opportunity and expect to be great! Happy Sunday – Stay Focused!

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