RVA Living History: The Cheats Movement X Grape Cloth [Part 1]

There are some parts of running The Cheats Movement that are pretty difficult – balancing out time – deciding when to post what material – and of course, always searching for RVA content that is new, exciting for me to post, and interesting for you to view. However, there are some things that come together and you know instantly – this works; today’s post is one of them. I’ve wanted to highlight Grape Cloth since the start of this blog. Iain Duffus, the founder and co-owner, of Grape is truly a self made entrepreneur. He, along side his wife, started Grape as a way to escape the corporate world and work for themselves, their family, and their community. This is Part 1 of my interview with Iain. I caught up with him outside of the Camel while he was co-sponsoring an event featuring local hip-hop artist. Grape Cloth represents what The Cheats Movement Blog is all about – highlighting diversity and originality, uplifting our community and making RVA a better, more positive place. Go visit www.GrapeCloth.com and support the vision.

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