Thank You! What Movement Looks Like…[WordPress Stats Graph]

I started this blog in January as a way to highlight the RVA I know and love – for a lot of my closest friends and family it’s been annoying (to say the least) since I keep talking about it and asking them to look at it. Side note for anyone on the grind:  Believe in what you do (and that means tell somebody – tell the world) because if you don’t – no one does it for you. It’s only after you break down the door that some major company or rich investors comes and says they now want to speak for YOU (crazy right). The blog has been growing all summer and August more than tripled the Cheats Movement growth. I really love this blog – I’m gonna keep pushing even if no one was paying attention BUT I know that’s not the case – I really appreciate everyone that checks the site, supports it, and helps it grow (I can’t say that enough- Thank You). More is coming – Stay Focused! And Tell a friend!

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