RVA Music Fest: Hip-Hop Hooray at The Camel [History in Photos]

“We have created a historic night in RVA…something years from now I can tell my kids about and the folklore from this night will spread that September 10, 2011 was a great night for RVA Hip-Hop.” –Cain McCoy, Emcee & Slapdash Promotion.

Click HERE to see The Cheats Movement Photos from RVA Music Fest: Hip-Hop Hooray!   Featuring: Cain McCoy, Artik Phreeze, Nickelus F, Conrizzle, SwordPlay, Noah-O, Streetz Deep, Young Richmond Outkast, Black Liq, Lord Slugg, The New Juice Crew, BC_Music1st, Emphasys, Lucy Freedom, DJ Dizz & more coming — check back often this week!

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