Sunday Inspirational Photo: Willingness to Succeed

Since I’ve started The Cheats Movement, I’ve met a lot of inspirational Richmonders. I’m the type of guy that finds inspiration [and motivation] from my peers…bloggers, photographers, artist, musicians, writers…my RVA surroundings.  And since I’ve been surrounding myself more and more with these talented people, I’ve discovered a  shared personality trait that makes them inspiring to me — that trait is the: Willingness to Succeed.  It is the classic “Why Not” attitude. Failure never stops this group from trying.  It’s awesome that RVA has so many talented people with this attitude — the city benefits from it [Richmond City Council needs more of it].  I hope that in some small way that The Cheats Movement can serve as some type of motivation for my peers to keep pushing the envelope and attempting creative projects in RVA — If you do, I’m going to find you and post about what you’re doing! Stay Focused! Go Skins!

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