Secrets Out! [Images from River City Secrets at Art 6]

J.S. Lee is a poet first; she has assumed the role of organizer out of necessity. “There was a need to keep poetry going in the city and there has been a bit of transition in regards to the people who organize these types of events…Our group really didn’t want to see it [Poetry in downtown RVA] go away so we are doing all we can to keep our event going here at Art 6.”   I finally met J.S. Lee on my visit to River City Secrets a few weeks ago. The top level of Art 6 provided a personal setting for the evening that featured poetry by Lance Kelley,  music by Zek Lightning, and an open mic of RVA poets. I got the sense immediately that this group takes their poetry very serious — though their were light moments (and a few light poems) – the evening had a seriousness and a maturity to it that distinguishes it as a good event for poets who want to take their writing to the next level. Click HERE to see all of my  pictures from River City Secrets and follow J.S. Lee on Facebook to keep up River City Secrets and her other projects.

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