Nice to Meet You…Summer McCarley (Quite Cheeky & Mint Collective)

I knew Summer McCarley was a busy lady…I just had no clue how busy.  I first met Summer a few months ago during an improv class at the RCC. In addition to being a very entertaining actress and improv performer (S/O to her RCC Team Karate Practice), she is also a business entrepreneur. Summer leads Mint Collective, her agency for make-up artist, hair stylist, and personal stylist. If that’s not enough she also is the co-founder of a very cool and unique make-up blog: Quite Cheeky.  I sat down with Summer at Shockoe Espresso to learn more about Quite Cheeky and how she does it all. CLICK HERE to read my interview with Summer McCarley.

Full Disclosure: This is only about 1/3 of our interview — Summer and I both talk really fast — and we get off topic a bit (haha) so this is the very professional version.

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