Sunday Inspiration: A New Road – A Cheats Movement Announcement

Well, October has hit RVA — letting its presences known with an awesome October breeze.  New seasons, new months, and new days, provide everyone a chance to do something new — and that’s no different for The Cheats Movement Blog. This month, I am going to try something completely new — hopefully taking The Cheats Movement to a higher level.  In collaboration with The Shop (at Artspace) and Just Plain Sounds …and all of my good friends in RVA. I’m going to film a season of short vids for the blog — taking the concept of The Cheats Movement to what I call the new public access — the internet. The goal is to really have fun with the diversity and talent in RVA – same as the goal of the blog. Everything is still in the works BUT October 21st at the Shop will be the first filming — We hope to present a great experience for anyone that comes through — We NEED everyone to come through! Trust me – I will be calling you.  Stay tuned for details and of course, Stay Focused!!!

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