There is not a picture that I could post this week to express my true feelings about RVA HOT SAUCE Friday night. I am still overwhelmed with emotion when I reflect on what went down. I know that there is a lot of work left to do regarding the web series but let me briefly explain why I have such strong feelings about what happened Friday night. For me, it goes back a very long time to when I was a Freshman at Tucker High School and I went to a summer retreat for students (from different backgrounds) that taught us about understanding diversity, gender issues, tolerance and race relations. This experience really changed my life and I started to understand — that the only way people will really understand each other is if they meet each other and spend time with each other. That is honestly one of the foundations of how I live my life; I have a real passion for bringing people together and letting them get to know each other.

My take away from RVA HOT SAUCE is the number of people that told me after the event how much they loved the diversity of the line-up; from the RCC to Black Liquid, to ManlyMan to Chris Ryan…Richmond really enjoyed coming together sharing the experience together. That truly makes me feel like the night was success and we all did our part to make RVA that much of a better place.

I thank James Dangle and Jason Moore for not only being 100% supportive of the concept but for working their ***es off to make the event happen. I thank the Honorable Sleaze for performing and hosting — his catalog is extensive. The entire family at Just Plain Sounds….support this team.  To everyone that came by The Shop to perform or support the effort: THANK YOU SO MUCH. We did something very special Friday night — think back through all your nights in RVA — and see if you can find a single event with such diversity and fun. I honestly don’t know if or when there will be another HOT SAUCE. Again, there is still a lot of work to be done BUT everyone can play their part moving forward by supporting the guests and performers that came thru Friday night – supporting the Shop (what a wonderful venue) and supporting each other…don’t ever be “too cool” to try something new. It only means that you will probably miss out on something amazing. Keep checking The Cheats Movement — I appreciate all of you…and ya know Stay Focused! WE R-VA!!!  

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