Nice to Meet You…Bree Davis

Bree Davis has a simple goal — she wants to do it all. The 21 year old VCU photography senior, who signs most of her work with the signature “Bree El” has a vast variety of projects in the works involving art, photography, fashion, modeling and even hip-hop.  “I try to be involved in everything because I feel that I work better when I have a full plate…I just want to be involved.”  We linked up last week at Lift Coffee Shop to talk about her amazing photography and her Style on the Move video series.  While the Orange County native has the ambition and talent of a big city photographer, right now Bree is looking forward to graduating and having some time to really live and work in RVA.  CLICK HERE to read my full interview with Bree Davis.

View Bree’s photography and video work at: &  Bree’s Blog is:

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