My man Bar Codez hit me up and asked me to swing by the Firehouse Theater last Sunday to film some of Photosynthesizers playing the Silent Music Revival. I had no idea what the Silent Music Revival was all about but I was treated to a very cool and unique night in RVA. Silent Music Revival is the screening of a silent film while a live band plays to the movie. Last Sunday, the film was “The Uncomfortable Man (1948)” with music by the aforementioned Photosynthesizers, who I’ve already called my favorite band in RVA. The event was hosted by Jameson Price (who I’m currently begging to profile for The Cheats Movement). Jameson has already told me that the next Silent Music Revival is on December 18 at Gallery 5. The films are The Insects Christmas (1913) & The Frozen North (1922), with music by: The Snowy Owls. If you have not seen this event, check it out.

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