The Cheats Movement is proud to present a brand new series titled, The Mind of Mike Kemetic. This blog is dedicated to bringing you the voices of the most creative people in the city of Richmond. Mike Kemetic is a staple in RVA’s music and culture scenes. His unique views are his own. They are unfiltered and focused on RVA’s major issues of the day.  In this inaugural episode Mike takes on Occupy Richmond and the Occupy Movement across the country. Richmond, your opinion matters. While The Cheats Movement does not endorse Mike’s particular view on every issue — we can all agree that we  live in a critical time and in an amazing city. We all need to do our part to be aware, engaged, and involved in making RVA the best it can be. Enjoy the Mind of Mike Kemetic. STAY FOCUSED.

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  • I love his acknowledgement of distraction. The smaller occupy movements have seemed to refocus the initial intentions. Wallstreet isn’t going to change because they feel guilt all of a sudden from the protestors, but they can change if Washington DC takes steps in the cause. Social issues are at hand too, and if Black Friday showed anything, the Government aren’t the only ones with a problem of spending money they don’t have on the unnecessary.

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