Last week at The Shop, the Richmond Comedy Coalition debuted The Lab; RVA’s first open mic improv show.  This is a brand new opportunity for local improv crews to do their thing – in front of a live audience – FOR FREE. That’s right — this is a free show! Don’t have a improv crew? No problem – just volunteer for improv games as part of the open improv jam. It’s a great night of free comedy. The inagrual night featured two new acts; College for Bears & Faking it. The night also featured the RCC improv crew Karate Practice followed by a “open improv jam” Below are some photos from the successful night. CLICK HERE (or the phot0s below) to see all the photos from the debut of The LAB.

FAKING IT [Kristin Kirkley, Rachel Weatherly, Emilie Tweeddale & Townsend – not pictured]  Side note: Faking it are four of the funniest girls I know — I was lucky enough to be in an RCC improv class with them last year — so proud of y0u!

College for Bears: Steve Howze & Josh Blubaugh. Both Steve and Josh are what I call duel threats — the are great at improv and also very funny stand-up comics. Laugh at Josh and Steve at Cafe Diem’s Open Mic Comedy Night.

The night ended with a open improv jam. My buddy John volunteer for a short form game — just for fun. S/O to Katie Holcomb for hosting the night.

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