12 Hours of Travel, 7 Hours of Adventure: From RVA to NYC!

I had the most amazing time in NYC on Saturday. I went up to interview one of my heroes, NYC legend Bobbito Garcia (more on that later this week). Troubling weather in Queens, and later in mid-town and Brooklyn, hurt some of the activities that I had planned for the evening but overall the bad weather led to an even better trip. I was able to visit some really great places and take some amazing photos. I often joke about how much I love Brooklyn, but my recent trips to NYC have led me to believe that I’m more of a Lower East Side guy. I love the LES from Reed Space to now End of Century. Yes the End of Century gallery that is currently featured on Bravo’s Gallery Girls. I stopped by and actually met one of the owners Lara. She was mad cool and treated us really nice for visiting. My favorite photos of the trip are the ones I took of cut throat handball action. It was so intense. I also took some great streetball photos but again that will be for later this week.

NYC is truly a photographer’s dream. I love the energy and hope to visit and shoot more in NYC and beyond. Hopefully, with the growth of this blog, I will have more reasons to take special trips out of town in the future. For now, let me know what you think of these new photos.

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Handball action in the LES.

Kids will be kids in Washington Square Park.

Love this NYC energy.

End of Century is the one of the galleries featured on Bravo’s Gallery Girls (It’s the cool one).

The very nice gallery owner Lara. She was so cool to us Southerners.

A Long Subway Goodbye

We miss you.

Reed Space Reflection

Doin’ It In The Park

NYC Subway Mixtape!


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