“Finally I’m here and I’m doing it my way” – Sam Reed

Words by Sam Reed, Photo by Cheats

Hello Cheats Movement world.  My name is Sam Reed (aka SamSun of the Photosynthesizers, aka Sunny Harmonic, aka Velvet Jones). I’m a singer, songwriter, wife, stay at home with the babies mom during the day, vocalist by night, and sometimes it seems that I’m a professional procrastinator.

But in reality, I’m in search of perfect imperfection. It’s not easy to find – but I know that there is an intersection where people and sound connect on a level that is completely natural and pure. It’s the place where rough meets smooth and organic meets conventional. Where ugly meets beautiful and digital meets analog.

For years I’ve been trying to find that “magical” place where the sidewalk ends. I’m serious – almost five years of different studios, wanna be music mentors, engineers, musicians, producers, and naysayers. Finally, I am here and I’m doing it my way. And I’m inviting you to walk with me and experience this journey as it happens right here on The Cheats Movement Blog.

So….here I am. This time I’ve taken two steps forward instead of two steps back. I finally have a song finished and I’m completely pleased with it. I’m not waiting for the completed album to release it.  This is my first release. The track is called, “Hypnotize.”

Enjoy it. And keep it locked in to The Cheats Movement Blog to follow me on this journey!

Lyrics by Sam Reed -Track production by Devonne Harris – Production mixing and engineering by Yung Yankee at Charged Up Studios.


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