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I’m going to post “your” comments about Community every day at 9 AM.  The response has been amazing! I’m so moved that all of you have pick up this challenge and weighed-in. Please continue to do so. It’s not to late to get your voice heard. For the first installment…Please read the meaningful words of: Clovia Lawrence, Kate Hall, Victoria Carll, and Felix Sarfo-Kantanka. You can read every Community post, unedited, under the Community tab at the main menu of the blog. Please read, comment and share.

“Community” means a passion for the people. People are a very important piece to making or breaking a community.
We must commune together for greatness. Our lives depend on strong “community”. – from Clovia Lawrence CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM CLOVIA…

“…It means that parents from every walk, ethnicity and demographic in this city can come together through our blog to help a homeless mother, a family who has lost their home in a fire and a child suffering from cancer.” -from Kate Hall CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM KATE…

“…A community reaches beyond the circle of people that you know, that you socialize with, that you work with, that you hang with. Your community is a myriad of concentric circles of important, prioritized issues kept and held by each individual. The passion held in the hearts of those within my community, the work within the actions of my community, the intentions within the minds of my community and the goodness that comes from the hands of my community, reach out, reach back and hold us, change us, transform us and are the revolution within which I stand.” -from Victoria Carll CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM VICTORIA…

“…Community means being there for your family, friends and loved ones.  You create a community through relationships, goodwill and respect towards others.” -from Felix Sarfo-Kantanka...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM FELIX…

Read the post today and check back for more tomorrow….#RVACommunity


  • Lisa Bagby says:

    Raising the question about community and sharpening the concept/s about community life are important. If the dialog stays alive and grows exponentially, it could gain traction and become more than a passionate interchange among friends. Successful Community takes vision, commitment, resourcefulness, action, and persistence from lots and lots of people. There have to be strong voices for this kind of planning. Strengthening the sense of place can only be possible with a ground swell of desire that just won’t be shut down.

    There are many tangible reasons why someone wants to help develop community: business opportunity, real estate stability, health and safety are some of the most obvious. There are also soft ideas that are less tangible. They are, however, of great value. For instance, for me, it is important that community makes room for people of all ages. We all benefit from the intermingling of generations. That sounds nice, but it has to be translated into concrete ideas that have the potential to share the wealth. We have seen how successful the Richmond Housing Coalition has been in strengthening community in Richmond. They have stabilized areas of the city and helped provide low income people the opportunity to live with dignity. It is a start.

  • Thanks so much for sharing Lisa. — Cheats

  • Duron Chavis says:

    Happy to see the work that VSH is doing. Especially considering the recent report on housing released by HOME late last year –

    We have alot of work to do to. Richmond Times Dispatch released an article that indicated that there is a 20 year life expectancy difference in Richmond based on where you live in the city.

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