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Please make sure  that you view all of the post for Community Week – go to the main menu (at the top of this screen) and hover over Meaning of Community tab. Every post has its own page — check it and share. Today is part 2 of Community Week on The Cheats Movement Blog and it is indeed a special day. The fact that this blog has the likes of Jim Ukrop posting on Community is big enough but posting Jim Ukrop along side a Maat Free or Ross Catrow or Taekia Glass is what this week (and this blog) is all about. #WESEEIT #COMMUNITY

“…for me, an ideal community is one where everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status, cares about one another and looks out for one another – a feeling that, ‘if the community does well, I will do well.’ – Jim Ukrop…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM JIM

“…If you remember nothing else about ‘community’ remember that the origin of the word community comes from the latin word communitas; cum, “with/together” + munus, “gift”. Together we are a greater gift to ourselves and this world than individually.” Taekia Glass…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM TAEKIA

“…I believe community is a group of people with the desire to expose one another to what we feel most passionate about in life and remain open enough to see how these experiences will shape our world view. It is in the act of communicating that we have found a community.” Maat Free…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MAAT

“I think a community is a collection of ideas.  Big ideas, small ideas, creative ideas, pragmatic ideas, etc.” Beau Cribbs…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE BEAU

“For me, the people I exchange ideas with are my community.” Ross Catrow…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM ROSS

Make sure to comment, share, post, tweet, etc. I will be posting all week. And it’s not to late to add your voice to this project, email or message me to be a part.

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