One week of breaking down Community was just not enough. After the finale of the series, I got a few more amazing post that I have to share – and when one of those are from the Mayor of RVA – well it just can’t wait. I’m truly honored that Mayor Jones heard about what was happening on The Cheats Movement Blog and was willing to add his voice to the project. #Amazing. Along with Mayor Jones, I so pleased to have Meg Medina, Kaity Kasper, Patience Salgado and Tiffany Jana in this bonus edition of breaking down the Meaning of Community. WE SEE IT

“…In good times, we celebrate together as a community and in tough times, we fight back together as a community.” Mayor Dwight Jones…CLICK HERE to read more from Mayor Jones

“When I think of “community” I think of addition vs. subtraction. Community means being willing to add something you value to the place where you live and work…” CLICK HERE to read more from Meg

“Community.  It’s that group of people that rallies around you.  That lifts you up.  That shows up when you least expect it to lend support you didn’t now you needed…” CLICK HERE to read more from Kaity

“…I am a global thinker having worked, lived on, and traveled to 5 continents, I see the WORLD as a community…OUR community, ONE community. Anyone who fails to see the interconnectedness between ourselves and our brothers and sisters on the other side of the planet, or just down the street, is missing the point….” CLICK HERE to read more from Tiffany

“…Community is the defining moment when we hold and see that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and we give ourselves over to it….” CLICK HERE to read more from Patience

This has been an amazing experience for me – Thank you all for participating and please keep following The Cheats Movement Blog on Facebook.

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