HappyI just want to take a minute to Thank the entire family for “EVERYTHING.” For the love and support of The Cheats Movement Blog,  the special projects, the live music events, just EVERYTHING. This has been an amazing year so far and it’s only going to get better this summer. The blog is only a reflection of RVA’s diversity and community. If the community is doing well – if the family is doing well – the blog reflects that. And RVA…We are doing great. I have to blink sometimes and think to myself…is this Richmond.

If you’re working to support RVA’s diversity and community – then you are family. This year alone, I’ve met so many new friends that read The Cheats Movement and it’s awesome, Thank you. And to the readers that have been their since the start…all I can say is, Wow…right. Nothing would be happening if it wasn’t for you. I’m so happy about what’s happening in RVA. And with that said….please believe that I’m still hungry to cover it all. No time for rest…my goal is to have the best blog in Richmond. I’m going back on the grind this summer. Cheats Movement Family Photo Coming Soon!  Here is the thing…I’m easy to find.  Hit me up: Twitter: CheatsMWC Facebook – I’m on. WE SEE IT  THIS IS OUR RICHMOND!

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