Cover 3Ms. Proper rocked Epic Fest: Project Wake Up!! @Infuzion

The Cheats Movement Blog (Follow this blog) will be bringing you all-access coverage of Epic Fest 2013. S/O to Octavion X, Cain McCoy, and the entire team Slapdash for having the vision and foresight to host a four day hip hop event featuring local and regional acts. You have to understand, Epic Fest gives love to the underrepresented hip hop community in the Greater Richmond area – that’s love. I hope you check out the imagines on The Cheats Movement over the next four days, S/O to RVA Mag (who I saw in the building), and any of the other outlet shining the light on RVA hip hop (truly it’s not that many).

Epic Fest is so big this year they had to split day one between two venues: Summer Breeze, which featured some of my favorite R&B acts such Lela Biz, Mimi Velez, Erika J, and Anhayla – I “heard” was live! I say heard because I was not there…I know but Epic Fest was so large that I had to make a choice on which event to cover last night and I had to go with my roots – the more hip hop based show Project Wake Up!! at Infuzion.

I’m doing something different for Epic Fest 2013. In honor of one of my favorite photographers Mel D. Cole who often kills events in Black & White, I’m shooting all 4 days in Black & White. I love the medium and want to add an unique spin to what everyone else is doing – so check for the Cheats Movement Logo and the Black & White the next 4 days.

Click HERE to see all the photos from: Project Wake Up!!


Hawk – HaBitS

20130626-IMG_5837Bez – HaBitS


The “Real” YFD – S/O Chris Haskins



Ms. Proper

20130626-IMG_5855Zae & Merc


Doe Boy Tha Dude (YFD)

Click HERE to see all the photos from Project Wake Up!!

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