Cover - Invasion - Update-1Last Thursday – The Cheats Movement Family Invaded Storefront from Community Design

IMG_0098-6A Great Crowd for The Cheats Movement’s 1st INVASION

When it comes to building a better city, there are many factor that must be considered. One factor that is often overlook is the actual design of the building, structure, museum, grocery store, ballpark, etc. The architects that are designing these new projects in RVA are really designing the aesthetic of our future, and they are often overlooked. While I’m sure most architects prefer to create without the gaze of the public eye, I’ve become increasing fascinated with RVA’s new developments and how they will impact our community.

My realization that the designer of our city are really designing the aesthetic of our future led me to visit an amazing non-profit, Storefront for Community Design. I’d first heard of Storefront last year at TEDxGraceStreet when Storefront board member Giles Harnsberger did a TED Talk titled: The City as a Verb. Following her talk I did some research about Storefront for Community Design. Storefront was founded in 2011. It’s a non-profit that works to bring public and private resources under one umbrella to help facilitate projects for individuals, business, organizations and communities. Upon hearing their mission, I thought Storefront would be the perfect location for The Cheats Movement’s first ever INVASION.

IMG_0092-2Storefront Executive Director Ryan Rinn

INVASION, is a new series that The Cheats Movement is organizing to encourage people to engage in community. It’s an open invitation (based on space) to meet up as a group and visit a business, location, non-profit, park, you name it, any location that is making a positive impact on the culture of Greater Richmond.

During the Storefront Invasion, we heard from Executive Director Ryan Rinn about the mission of Storefront and how they are using the amazing space on 205 E. Broad. We also heard brief presentations from Burt Pinnock, who is doing some really amazing work that is changing the aesthetic of RVA. Burt is the designer that was tab by the Slave Trade Commission to design the future of the Lumpkin’s Jail site. Max Hepp-Buchanan, Director of Bike Walk RVA, spoke about designing a more bike friendly city, especially in anticipation of the 2015 cycling championship that’s coming to the city, and Josh Son, a city planner and VCU Urban Planning grad student spoke about a project that is coming online later this year for the triangle corner of Adams and Broad. The evening could have not gone any better and was very informative and fun.

IMG_0105-9Max Hepp-Buchanan briefly spoke about making RVA a more bike friendly city.

IMG_0111-11I introduced Storefront to The Cheats Movement Family

IMG_0104-8Burt Pinnock speaking with Maat Free after his presentation.

IMG_0119-14Josh Son presented on the future of the Adams and Broad Triangle

I hope you will join us for the next INVASION! To keep up with everything Cheats Movement – subscribe to The Cheats Movement on the website ( or follow on Facebook and Twitter. Also, please follow and support the amazing work done at Storefront for Community Design. WE SEE IT.

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