IMG_6326-39Words and Photos by Cheats Above – The Riverrock crowd waits for Saturday’s headliner Matisyahu #WESEEIT

I knew when I woke up that it was going to be a busy day for The Cheats Movement. My wife and I trying to figure out exactly how we were going to fit in 3 festivals and do anything remotely related to family time.  Once we figured out a plan our first stop was Dominion Riverrock to see Noah-O. Noah doing his thing at Riverrock is big for RVA hip hop. Who else in the RVA’s hip hop scene has performed on that stage? And even better than him taking the stage solo – he shared the moment with other in the RVA community. Noah brought out Lela Bizz, Lano the Don, Radio B, and all of Charged Up Ent. It’s was a beautiful scene early in the day.

IMG_5899-5Noah-O 1:14 PM

IMG_5921-6Noah O & Radio B 1:32 PM

A lot of the RVA hip hop community came out to support the performance. I think that was a great look for RVA hip hop and a credit to what Noah is representing for RVA’s hip hop culture. He often tells me that he grinds for the culture. It’s a bigger grind that what you see on the surface and that I know that’s why we link up the way we do…we both are always looking to expand RVA hip hop to new levels. For more photos of Noah-O’s Riverrock performance follow The Cheats Movement on Facebook.

After Noah’s performance  – remember that family time I mentioned before? That manifested in a brief lunch near the house. It’s always important in a busy day to spend some quality time with your family. #Familyfirst

Art 180 Big Show

After lunch, I dropped of the wife and back out on the road. The next stop was the Art 180 Big Show at Abner Clay Park in Jackson Ward. I don’t need to tell you how amazing Art 180 is…if I do then stop what you’re doing and go to their website. The Big Show is their end of semester public show for all the students that Art 180 works with in the city. Hosted by my brother Black Liquid, The Big Show featured some student improv, face-painting, kite flying, hula-hooping, the Bizarre Market and more. The weather was perfect and the community was out in full force. For more photos of the Art 180 Big Show visit The Cheats Movement Facebook Page.

IMG_6104-1Art 180 Big Show 4:00 PM

IMG_6077-1Art 180 Big Show 4:22 PM

Next on the agenda was a stop by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery for A Good Day RVA. I must admit, even I was shocked at the crowd size at Hardywood. The entire park was packed with people. Evan, Chris and the team put together an amazing line up of live music.  I saw the homie Andrew from RVA Playlist holding court. It’s always great to see him. Check out his site. He has a huge birthday show coming up on the 28th. When I arrived Josh Small and Andrew Alli were on the outdoor stage. It was my first time seeing Alli perform and Josh is one of my favorites in RVA. Together they were amazing. Just good music.

On the inside I was able to catch some of Clair Morgan. It was my first time seeing them live. My homie Shannon Cleary has been telling me about them for a while. I loved it. I would love to get that vibe at a Cheats Movement event. With all the awesomeness going down it was hard to leave but I had to move on. One thing I will say about the shows I see at Hardywood. They are great and from what I know of the leadership at Hardywood they are great community-based guys so absolutely no shade from me…just a plea to get a hip hop set on stage. I think that would be an amazing look and I know just the blog that can help with that. Hardywood Holla at me.

IMG_6133-15Josh and Andrew on the outside stage at Hardywood for A Good Day RVA

IMG_6162-21Clair Morgan on the inside stage.

The London Souls (I’m a fan)

So I had to jet out of Hardywood to get back down to Riverrock for The London Souls and Matisyahu. With all due and proper respect to Matisyahu, I  must admit I was a bit geeked out to meet The London Souls. I’ve been following them for a few years now back when they were all over Creative Control. Meeting them in person was just cool. They were extremely humble to chop it up with. And it turns out Tash has some family roots in Virginia Beach so RVA was a good place to play. If you’re not familiar with their music, you gotta check it out. For more photos of The London Souls visit the The Cheats Movement Facebook page.


Back stage with The London Souls (Tash & Chris)

IMG_6191-28Tash rocking Riverock

IMG_6225-30Chris killing it at Riverrock

Matisyahu a wonderful end

After The London Souls, it was time for Matisyahu. I was a huge Matisyahu fan during the “Live at Stubbs” and “Youth” period. And like me #RVA seem to remember those records. Media was limited to the first 3 songs in the pit which was just fine for me because I wanted to enjoy the show. Matisyahu was dope. There was a time during the performance that it hit me that I will never see the Beastie Boys live. Just a little input on how my mind works during that time the Beastie’s “To the 5 Burroughs” was out and that along with Matisyahu got a lot of play in my CD player. RIP MCA. With that said Matisyahu is a very cool performer and the Riverrock crowd loved it. It was a great call for the festival.


Matisyahu right before taking the stage

IMG_6344-43Matisyahu song 1


I left Riverrock asking myself, Was this the greatest live music day in RVA history? I can’t answer that but you can. Let me know at The Cheats Movement. Share and follow the site. For more pictures from the entire day follow The Cheats Movement of Facebook. Art X Culture X Community = WESEEIT

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