IT’S THE GREATEST MAGIC TRICK OF ALL TIME – look to the left while I flip the script on the right – say abracadabra and its magic!

Please America; don’t fall for it this time. It’s taking all of 72 hours (or so) to change the conversation from the tragic act of domestic terror in Charleston, SC to a debate about the Confederate Flag. This is a magic trick of the worst kind.

Look, by definition and all modern classifications, I am a progressive when it comes to civil rights, equality and justice. The Confederate flag represents a historic symbol of hate for me and my family and I truly believe that it should be removed from any type of acting government building and displayed in a history museum. So I’m glad that Governor Haley has finally mustered the political courage to call for its removal from the South Carolina state house. But don’t do it on the lives of 9 innocent people and call it a victory or worse justice. It’s not. It’s a trick that will be used to distract people from real meaningful change.

If you’re not talking about guns, if you’re not talking about mental health, and above all – if you’re not talking race and racism in America; you’re being fooled.

What to do next is a question that I don’t have the answer. Not yet anyway but action – strong action – is needed to improve civil rights and equality in America. Removing that flag is the right thing to do but if it’s the only thing done…we’ve failed miserably.

Please don’t fall for it.

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