THIS IS SOMETHING BRAND NEW FOR THE CHEATS MOVEMENT…and no better artists or EP to do this for than Fly Anakin’s new EP elsewhere ave. I reached out to the Mutant Academy spitta from RVA to see if he would break down his tracks. The 8-track EP already has two singles that have made the Cheats Movement Playlist: “Get Down” and “21 Candles.” His flow reigns over the beats in a fashion that reminds me of the golden era of hip hop. And above all, he has a passion to be great. It doesn’t matter if Anakin is in a basement, club or on a street corner, he is coming with bars. His work rate is one of the best in RVA. Here is his take on elsewhere ave.

21 candles [prod. nikobeats]: Joint sounded like the perfect intro from the second I heard the beat to the moment I freestyled the first 2 lines. No matter what – you’re always gonna get one of those joints from Anakin where it’s straight bars and no hooks, I call ’em run on sentence tracks.

get down: The crazy thing about “get down” is I recorded it hours before I got ready to perform at Epic Fest V, I mixed it and went to my manager’s crib to go get my lxcvls xnly shirt (shameless plug). Played it for him and his peoples and they lost their shit. They ended up forcing me to perform it that night and I forgot the second verse. But this was the first song I recorded for the project.

lovebug [prod. by ewonee]: Lovebug is one of my favorites personally, Koncept inspired the hook indirectly. This is a ongoing series I started back in 2013 “Let Me Fuck Your Girl” was like my biggest joint at the time so just to pay homage to that moment. I do a different rendition every year. I use it as a way to show the growth. Ewonee killed that beat tho.

nigga like me ft. Koncept Jack$on & Henny Lo [prod. by Fly Anakin]: That song is special man, not cause of the features but mainly because I rhymed over my own production again. Me and Henny were at my crib having a discussion then I thought about this new internet album that dropped. I threw that bitch in FL and started throwing sounds on it, got that shit done in like 5 flat. I might be boosting you can ask Henny about that. He has a verse on the joint alongside me and Kons but due to technical difficulties we had to cut his verse. I did this song for my girl tho I wanted her to have some shit to get dressed to you know.

outro [prod. by Cameron Butler]: This was done strategically to help promote Cameron Butler. He’s a close friend of mine and we talk often and this was my way of showing my appreciation for him mixing the whole project. Me being selfless – I just felt he deserved a bigger platform to showcase his talent.

4ever.urs. [prod. by foisey]: This song is the first song I wrote about and for my moms, I’ve thrown in little lines but never dedicated a song to her. For some reason I couldn’t find the words to say before right now it was just mad touchy and shit.

part Iii [prod. by foisey]: “Part Iii” is a older song but after I sent the EP to my manager he told me it would be dope to add that joint at the end because it fit the same feeling as “4ever.urs.” That joint is special as well you can feel everything I was feeling when you hear that song.

we gon be okay ft. peter $un & henny lo [remix prod by nikobeats]: People fucking loved this song when I dropped it the first time, I’m extremely modest to say the least so I have a habit of downplaying myself but this shit was received well. Henny really wanted a verse on it so I got him and Sunny. At the time I was listening to Sunset Castle a lot so the song was inspired by Sunny, it was only right to put him on it. The hook was dedicated to Baltimore.

elsewhere ave. is available on Soundcloud – Follow Fly Anakin on Twitter: @FlyAnakin

Intro & Photo by Cheats: @CheatsMovement

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