WHAT’S GOOD FAMILY!  I know the playlist list is crazy delayed but I’ve been a little busy with the Cheats Movement Family Hip-Hop Podcast & Cheats Verse. You can listen to episode 3 of the Podcast below. It’s quickly becoming the biggest podcast for hip-hop culture in the Richmond Region but I’m losing focus – the October playlist is super-sized and laced with new music and videos – pure heat. I want to make the wait worth it. The list is hella long so instead naming every MCs featured on the list please know that there are even more MCs not featured on the list, it’s a competitive process. We do have some first time artists hitting the list – S/O to them. I’m still listening to all your music personally so keep it coming and share the site and the podcast – you are appreciated, if you’re on this list or not.

If you’re not on this month — you can be on soon, just keep submitting and sharing the site. My email:

A special note – this Tuesday (10/20) at Gallery 5 (Richmond) Jack Daniels – Jackin for Beats competition. MCs (21 and older) can compete to win 5K for the DMV region. Do not miss this event. Also, I’m announcing that the Cheats Movement Family Podcast is hosting a live hip-hop series with our first event on Sunday November 8th at Gallery 5. This monthly series will be a place for pure hip-hop. It’s not a club – there is no bottle service – just bars and hip-hop fans. More details coming soon. Enjoy the playlist. #WESEEIT

The Cheats Movement Family Hip-Hop Podcast Episode 3 ft. Marques Berry, Jake Barkley, Rasneek, and Grind N Pray.

Bigal Harrison – Legendary

Drano – Shaka Smart

Fly Anakin – Erykah Loves Me

Millz – Pce2Smmr

Ant The Symbol ft. Drano – You Ain’t Nothin

F.Low ft. Rah Scrilla – LMLMN2 (Love Me Love Me Not 2)

Ty-Nitty – Salute The Real

Koncept Jac$on – Pantsuit Bitch

James Dangle – Dreams

Cutlass Reid – Let the Pain Out

Chance Fischer – SOUFFLE

Ikhwan’s Vision – WRICH Radio

Chunk – BOM DIA

Ramsey – What you Say (Freestyle)

Royale SWRV – In Case You Were Wavy

BlaccOut Garrison ft. Chance Fischer – Over Nothing

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