Nickelus F performed his new album Triflin last night at The Top.

Association of Great Minds (AGM) capped off their groundbreaking year with a live performance at The Top. The raucous crowd was first treated to performances by the opening act contest winners: The Tribe, Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on, and then last year’s opening act winner Evan Barlow. That was followed by a instrumental set by AGM producer NameBrand who recently released his debut beat tape PrayDreams. NameBrand was joined briefly by another contest winner Easalio. Following NameBrand was a high energy performance by Michael Millions, who last month released his new album and short film tilled Beautiful. The crowd was then at fever-pitch for Nickelus F‘s Triflin performance. A clearly special set for Petey as he acknowledged to the crowd that his father was in the audience and it was the first time his dad was going to see him perform.  The set was electric with most of the audience singing every word of the Billboard recognized album. The night ended with Radio B returning to The Top stage for the first time since his battle (RVA’s battle of the year) with Bravo. For the second year in a row, the live Flag show has landed on Radio’s birthday weekend. He started his set with the title track from this new album Never Fall Off, released the prior day. Though time cut his set short, Radio finished right before the clock struck midnight and his birthday officially begun.

Last night at The Top was the highest level of live Richmond hip-hop The Cheats Movement has seen all year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016. #WESEEIT


The Tribe


Mutant Academy: Henny L.O., Koncept Jack$on, & Fly Anakin


The view from The Top


Sucka Free Luxury — AGM #WESEEIT

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