THE CHEATS MOVEMENT PODCAST chopped it up with the legendary DJ Doo Wop. For those who don’t know, DJ Doo Wop is a legend in hip-hop music and culture. He’s done it all in his ongoing career that spans over 20 years. Famous for a number of things but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the impact that Doo Wop’s mixtapes had on the culture. His “95 Live” mixtape is consider the best mixtape in the history of mixtapes. It featured some of the true legends of the culture: Busta, Q-Tip, Guru (RIP), KRS, M.O.P., Fat Joe and more.

The entire crew was able to meet him at the AZ show on June 10th at The Broadberry but this week DJ Mentos and myself (Cheats) linked up on a call with Doo Wop. He told us some classic stories and talked about his place in the culture. Richmond, we got another one. #WESEEIT

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