“Thoughts paints pictures. Life paints pictures”

Coming back a year and a half after one of RVA’s better 2015 releases III I IX, the good homie Joey Gallo returns with his latest project The Gallory, and with this album there is a vision he is trying to show the listeners.  The main thought and theme to this album is that he’s a rapper this time around, and that’s a good thing. When using the term “rapper” it’s in reference to the amount of (pardon this word) SWAG Joey comes across with on every track.

Each song paints a different picture & lyrically the style is more braggadocio & bravado (see: “Frames & Chardonnay”, “24 Carat Gold”), yet humble and down to earth at the same time (see: “Habanero Waves” – my money missing commas/my rent ain’t a mortgage).  With III I IX there was an introspective feel and an underlying tribute to the late, great Kleph Dollaz with that project.  A good amount of that album were emotions from 2012-2014 fully equipped with production from Kleph and a few other producers & plenty of guest rhymers, it was the format to hip hop albums that we have grown accustomed to. That format was flipped this time around  with all production being handled by Ill Maestro, a change of pace, the production is a solid mixture of samples, keyboards and drums that create this sort of “chill” vibe/a late summer night or get prepared for the Fall feel

The Gallory matches the time of the year for everyone’s enjoyment.  Gallo delivers laid back rhymes over mellow back drops and minimal rap guest appearances (Michael Millions & Pa Flex) along with a couple R&B hooks (Francoise & Teresa Cook). There are no out of place guest appearances or trying to force a sound with The Gallory, just rhymes & subjects that we can all relate to. When we talk about “real” hip hop it doesn’t get realer than that. #WESEEIT

Review by Cheats Movement Senior Contributor Hip Hop Henry – follow him at @HipHopHenry  

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