It was December 2009 and I was down right giddy. I was taking my big sister Melanie to her first Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings concert at the National. She had absolutely no clue what she was in for. Very similar to me when I went to my first Sharon Jones show at the encouragement of my work friends (s/o Lauren Cunningham).  That show was the second of back to back nights at the 9:30 club in D.C. and it really changed me. I was floored by that show and it still one of the top shows I’ve seen in my life.

Sharon Jones is one of the greatest live musicians I have ever seen in-person. I think my list goes Prince & Sharon.  Her stage presence, her passion, her voice (man – that voice), her joy, she treasured every minute she was on stage; giving the people what they wanted.

And so I was giddy trying to explain to Mel what a Sharon Jones show was going to be like – but you can’t truly describe it, you have to experience it for yourself. And that she did…from the first couple of songs when Mel would look to me and say, “she’s good” or “That was cool” to the end of the show when she was on stage laughing and dropping it like it was hot – (it was 2009). She left the show a complete converted – like her brother was a year earlier and everyone that was in the National that night.

Sharon went on to release more music, do more tours, and  have a courageous battle with cancer which I learned this morning that her fight had ended. I’m a huge Sharon Jones fan and to this day, I haven’t had the guts to watch her documentary Ms. Jones because I’m afraid to see her bravery up close – I hate cancer and sad to learn that at 60 years old Sharon is gone. Maybe someday soon I will watch the film and be marveled once again by Sharon. She’s the best. RIP Ms. Jones. You definitely floored two Cheathams and so many more throughout the world. #WESEEIT



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