Outside of the homies Ohbliv and NameBrand, I normally don’t post beat tapes but it’s a goal of mine in 2017 to post more of them. The first beat tape I’m posting this year is the homie Reppa Ton. He might be better known as an MC but, on the low, he does it all: production, videos, he’s even a playwright (don’t think I forgot). His new tape is called “Culture/Venice” and it seems to be on the West Coast vibe that he’s living these days. There are  14 tracks on the tape and the beats are mostly melodic (anti-bangers). There is space for MCs to really go to work on these tracks and make something special (if Reppa Ton doesn’t take the verse first). Best of luck to the homie. You can check out the tape here and purchase it on his Bandcamp #WESEEIT

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