With all the real issues we have to deal with in the dawning of Trump’s America, I actually welcome comic relief. Lord knows that we need to laugh and be glorious in 2017. Tomorrow is never promised and we’re going to have major fights on our hands just to get basic human recognition in the Trump administration. So with that as our backdrop in 2017, let me be as clear as possible: There is nothing funny or comical about Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beefing on social media and trying to parlay their beef into a 3 round pay-per view boxing match, promoted by none other than Floyd Mayweather and trained by none other than Mike Tyson.

Now, I’m not one to spend my time tearing down successful  young black men, especially in hip-hop culture, but since I cut off Breezy and Soulja Boy a long time ago,  I must change my focus and say that if you support this nonsense, I have no choice but to cut you off.

Let’s put this fight in perspective. These two men are not channeling their negative energy into something positive. I don’t care if they gave every cent made to a charity for domestic violence (which they should). They can do a concert, a public give back, or anything other than a fight after they exposed themselves on IG. This is undeniably some macho male BS at the most and it is petty  and not worthy of support.

There is no honor in this demonstration, that’s probably why in all of the beefs in the history of hip-hop: BIG v. PAC, Hov v. Nas, even 50 cent v. Ja Rule, this has never been done. Given the history of Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, and Mike Tyson, all of whom have been proven [legally proven] to abuse women, all of them involved in this event is embarrassing. Why?  Because this is all over a woman who doesn’t want either Brown or Soulja Boy. Chris has crossed over to pure stalker territory. There are no words for his actions. Soulja Boy, who is the idiot that once shouted out the slave masters on national TV for bringing his ancestors over to America (you thought I forgot…no), liked a photo of Brown’s ex-girlfriend and that’s what started all of this.

I’m not even going to mention that both of them are fighting over who is a real member of the LA Blood Gang. While most of those individuals in that life-style, spend their time praying that they and their families has the money and opportunities that Brown and Soulja Boy have so that they never have to bang again (smh). The fact that ESPN, Bleacher Report, and every major media outlet is laughing at this is disappointing to me because I truly feel like they are laughing at everyone that supports the hip-hop community or worse every young black man in America; congrats Donald Glover on that Golden Globe, now let me ask you about Soulja Boy since I have you on the Red Carpet.

My head hurts even writing this. Bottom line: This is some petty, male-macho, embarrassing BS, promoted by men who apparently hate women over a woman that doesn’t want anything to do with these clowns. And with that, if you support this fight, these individuals, or this public display, you should be cut off in 2017.

I’m sorry Cheats Movement readers – somebody had to say it. #WESEEIT

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