OG ILLA is one of the hardest working people who I follow within RVA’s hip-hop community.  From the music to all of his varies business dealings, he embodies what it means to be an independent music mogul on the grind. To be frank, OG ILLA simply finds a way to stay working and relevant.  And 2017 is starting off to a strong start for Illa with the album release of  ZONE.

According to Illa’s press release, “ZONE was made to (en)capsulate a year of my life where I was living reckless and ratchet. Glorifying the use of drugs and partying because that’s what I was living like. I felt the need to get this out of my system [literally and figuratively] so I created this mixtape. When you are caught in the game nothing exhilarates you like the rush of making money, getting high and chasing women.”

As he mentioned in the quote, a lot of the songs on ZONE represents what we would consider the old OG Illa, which is a good thing. Everyone goes through challenges and trails and there is no better outlet for an artist to express those feelings than through their art. Now that it seems Illa has been through that particular dark period of his life, I look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for him and how he will show his growth, strength, and focus in the year ahead. #WESEEIT

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