I was honored to join an amazing panel as a part of Richmond Magazine’s The Unmasking: Race & Reality in Richmond Part 2.  This event was the second part of a 3 part series spearheaded by Samantha Willis of Richmond Magazine. I joined 13 other panelists to talk about race relations in Richmond, past and present.

While I could have listened to my fellow panelists talk about race in Richmond and how we got here all day, I did manage to weigh in on a few issues like how the Cheats Movement tries to build community by getting to know as many people as possible, and our take on how race played a factor in the recent Mayor’s election. There are two amazing panels. I encourage you to look at both but if you’re looking for my keys, I’m on the second panel.

“I think what happens in Richmond is that we don’t have enough ‘living room’ conversations with people who don’t look like us. It surprises me how much people don’t know about each other.” –Marc Cheatham, writer, founder of The Cheats Movement,

According to Richmond Magazine: Race is a central root of Richmond’s history, entwining everything from our art to infrastructure, education to economics. Now more than ever, it’s time to talk about it, frankly. Let’s take off our masks, get real and move our city forward. Part 2 of this learning series featured panel sessions led by historians, educators and community leaders sharing historical perspectives on race in Richmond, and why it’s still a divisive issue today. Moderated by NBC12 anchor Karla Redditte. Video and live streaming during the event courtesy Jonathan Stotts

Please take a minute to read the full recap of part 2 at Richmond Magazine:

Part 3 of the series continues on February 9th. The event is sold out but check out: for wait list information.

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