Our great friends at Health Warrior (located right here in RVA) have launched a powerful Kickstarter campaign and need our help. Heath Warrior has supported The Cheats Movement Family since our beginning. They have sponsored a lot of our public events (including our family gathering earlier this month) and offered their space to us on several occasions for the Table Podcast. They are a great company – doing great things globally and right here at home. Take a look at the video, visit the Kickstarter page, and do what you can to support. #WESEEIT

Health Warrior, an award-winning, rapidly growing natural foods brand, is funding a brand new Mexican Chocolate Chia Bar through this Kickstarter, a bar benefitting the Tarahumara of Mexico through a partnership called Operation Farm & Run.

In 2016 we helped the Tarahumara with the rehabilitation of a single farm and the cultivation of their first commercial chia crop. This first harvest, celebrated together by Health Warrior and the Tarahumara, laid the groundwork for Operation Farm & Run and a plan for continued investment in the Tarahumara’s commercial agriculture efforts.

In 2017 Health Warrior aims to rehabilitate two additional Tarahumara farms for commercial chia cultivation. Seeds grown at these farms will then be used in our new Mexican Chocolate Chia Bars and drive continued investment into a native community that has faced many modern challenges in recent years. With the successful funding of this Kickstarter, we will reach this goal in 2017.

Sales of Mexican Chocolate Chia Bars through this Kickstarter will help to restore the drought-stricken farms of the Tarahumara people and, in so doing, preserve their inspiring culture rooted in the joy of movement and ancient, nutritional wisdom.

Visit the KICKSTARTER page HERE:

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