Sway Calloway’s morning bit, Friday Fire Cypher, hosted Richmond’s own Noah-O alongside the Parisian-born and Washington D.C raised Napoleon Da Legend and producer Black Saun. Noah-O, originally from the Bay Area, was able to connect with Sway at an event on VCU’s campus being held by the Afrikana Independent Film Festival. “I think Cheats reached out to me and told me Sway was going to be up there,” said Noah-O. “I just told him I wanted to meet him because I grew up a kid in the Bay Area and I listened to Sway, before he was Sway in The Morning. He was just like a local DJ in the Bay Area; he was definitely the most popular DJ in the Bay Area, though.” The emcee was able to meet and “cool out” with Sway and his team at Plush for some dinner and much needed downtime after traveling. Noah-O describes meeting Sway as an amiable experience, noting that it’s far too many artists trying to put something in a person’s hand for personal gain. “I just wanted to meet Sway, take a picture with him and tell him I look up to him and I appreciate everything he did for hip-hop,” he said.

“I never told him I did music, I never told him I rap, I was just hanging out with him. Once we went into [Plush, after eating dinner together], there were a lot of DJs and people who recognized him and recognized me. People kept asking to take pictures of us, a few people may have asked him what he was doing with me and he kind of put two and two together. After we left the club he just invited or asked me was I ready to come on the show.”

The freestyle looked flawless and that can be attributed to not only the formatting of the show but Noah-O’s work-ethic and preparation. While traveling as part of his Trust The Vibes Tour, which you can still catch on the east-coast this June, the emcee was asked by Sway’s producer to come onto the Sway In The Morning studio, less than 24 hours prior to his Friday Fire Cypher appearance. “Me and my manager, prior to dropping The Rain, talked about times like this: we talked about preparing,” said Noah-O. “If we prepare now, when stuff starts going into motion, I’ll already be ready. Once you get signed or once things start picking up, this is how your life is going to be. You’re going to have to do a show, next morning do radio, next do a meet-and-greet and then go sleep for a little while.”

Whatever is up next for the emcee and team behind The Rain looks promising. The Dream For Purpose managed artist is in good hands and gives many thanks to all those around him on his steady path success: “I cannot take credit and say I am doing all of this stuff by myself,” he said. “I have good people who believe in me and are willing to travel with me and take these risks because it takes a lot of time, money, energy and time away from family and friends. We all have a goal we want to see dope music out there and we want to music that is inspiring to people and has a story. We got to work hard and we have to put Richmond on the map, Virginia and DMV [too]. We want our story to be told and get that respect versus anyone else, you know what I mean?”

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