Family, Tomorrow is primary day in VA. This is your chance to support the leadership you want at the local and state levels of government. Primaries between good candidates are always difficult and the race for the Gubernatorial Democratic nomination is clearly the biggest news story of the primary season. I really like both men. Unfortunately, Ralph never accepted my invitation to be on The Cheats Movement. If he had, I would re-post his interview today too.

I was able to interview Tom Perriello in March. In fact, it was the Perrieelo team that reached out to me for the interview. So with one day away from the primary, I’m reposting my interview with Tom Perriello so that you can hear the exchange and make a determination about some of his views.

I think this interview highlights Perriello’s thoughts on some key issues that are important to Cheats Movement followers, his views on race and diversity being front and center. He also talks a little hip-hop which always makes me smile.

I want to be clear about the primary. I’m posting the interview that I have. If you have a good Ralph Northam interview (particularly one that includes his views on race, diversity, equality, etc.) ┬áthat you want to leave in the comments – feel free to do so.

I hope to interview the winner, whoever that maybe, leading into the General. #WESEEIT

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