Monuments are all the rage following actions to remove Confederate monuments in New Orleans, and closer to home in Charlottesville, VA.  Last week, Mayor Levar Stoney made a major announcement that he is appointing a 10-member commission to study ways to add context to the monuments on Monument Avenue. Mayor Stoney said, “it’s time to set the historical record straight.” But is now the right time to discuss monuments when the city and region are facing other critical issues?

I’ve brought together a great round table to discuss what else? Monuments. I’m joined by Bill Martin, Historian and Director of the Valentine Museum, Julian Hayter, Historian and educator at University of Richmond, Tawnya Pettiford-Wates (Dr. T),  educator at VCU and Director of the Conciliation Project, Noah Scalin, educator, Social Justice artist and activist, Ted Elmore, Creator of BridgePark, Pam Mines, Founder of JP Jumpers Foundation, Alex Mejias, singer -songwriter, community activist, and Kelley Libby, Storyteller, Producer of UnMonumental.

This podcast just touches the surface, there will be very serious discussions happening within our region about monuments, history, and the path forward. I hope you enjoy this podcast. Please subscribe to the Cheats Movement Podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud. And if you really like this podcast leave a comment on Itunes.

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