I’ve always said Hov is the best that’s ever done it. But what do you think about 4:44? Leave your comments.


  • I love this album and I’m not a Jay Stan. The beats are all dope and don’t sound like all the trendy hip hop on the radio. He speaks to REAL life situations despite the fact that he’s incredibly rich and could be bragging about all his houses, cars, champagne, etc. With all the pop hip hop BS this is a breath of fresh air. People will probably over-analyze and over-criticize this album but it’s simply a really good album.

  • This album is raw…in the sense that it’s not over produced…dry vocals…the mix is rough and raw. This album and the last ATCQ album both retain a classic “thrown together” sound that I feel is the essence of classic hip-hop. This album doesn’t feel over-thought. Feels in the moment and vibrant. Kudos to NO ID, JAY-Z, and Jimmy MF’n Douglass for not over polishing the mix! (Also feeling even better about my constant desire to hear albums from artists that are put together with 1 producer)

  • Griff Huxtable says:

    I gave up on Hov dropping another remarkable album after Magna Carta and recent guest spots, but here we are listening to a raw, honest, grown-man album. I’m not sure if he held back knowing he’d wait and drop a gem or got a fire lit under his ass, but he came with it. Not to mention the fact that No I.D. KILT it on the production. “The Story of O.J.”, “Smile”, and “4:44” are early standouts. I was not hype at all about this album when it was announced, but it will definitely be a top 10 album of 2017.

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