A few hours ago, I sat down with the Executive Director of the Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) Craig Dodson. Since last Friday, the RCC has been entrenched in the reaction/fallout of posting, on their Facebook page, an essay by one of their 17 year old youth members that expressed his view of the confederate monument debate. This post was shared the night before the scheduled confederate rally on Monument Avenue. To date, the post has been shared over 19.6K time and commented on over 6.2K times. The reaction to the post generated a wide view of emotions across the spectrum and generated several responses on social media and directly to the RCC. I have been a friend of Craig and the RCC for several years and when I reached out for this interview, to be frank, I didn’t think he would say yes – not because of his character but because the the viral nature of the post and the “powers that be” when issues grow this fast. To Craig’s credit, he sat with me for just under 1 hour and we went into the RCC mission and his work, the post, the reaction, and what is the best ways to apply the lessons learned from this experience. I must be frank, this interview is a conversation. Your particular question may have not been asked. The answer provided may not be the-end-all-be-all of this issue. I felt the weight of this conversation and tried my best to express my opinion, hear Craig out fully, and be fair to the task. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I welcome your comments. #WESEEIT

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