Because I walk on two legs I am a part of the human community

Because I live in the US, specifically Richmond, Virginia I am a part of the RVA community

Because I have breast and can bear children I am apart of the community of woman

Because of the color of my skin I belong to the African American community

Because of my age I belong to a community of 30 somethings

Because of my faith I belong to the Christian community

Because of my education I belong to the design community

Because of love of art I belong to the art community

There are even more subsets that can be explored, but the underlying truth is that we are all apart of a community whether it’s because of where we live, what we look like, what we believe or any other commonalities.  This itself is human nature to know that we belong somewhere, that we are needed and loved, and that we are valuable.

If you remember nothing else about ‘community’ remember that the origin of the word community comes from the latin word communitas; cum, “with/together” + munus, “gift”. Together we are a greater gift to ourselves and this world than individually.

Taekia Glass

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