Community is the essence of humanity. It’s the coming together for the common benefit of the group that has allowed our species to be as productive as we’ve been. Sometimes this common benefit can be at the detriment to others which is where the responsibility of the community comes into play. A true community understands that it is only a piece of something larger, and that its actions/inactions have affect on other communities and individuals around them. This affect is so viral and so powerful that it can start wars, end wars, create disease and cure disease. A positive and ultimately successful community cares as much about its own needs/desires as it does those of surrounding communities.

As our global economy continues to become more inclusive it becomes even more imperative that communities do not silo themselves from the rest of the world. The days when we can hide from what’s going on thousands of miles away are thankfully over, as technology has granted us the ability to be more collaborative than ever. Our longevity hinges on our seizing this opportunity and making the jump from global economy to global community. Ben Margolis, West Coast Kix