I’ve sat here for days on end, staring at my empty Windows’ notepad trying to answer one question, What is a community?  Sure, Google has an answer, but it doesn’t have THE answer.  What does community mean to me?  Hmmm….there I was sending that FB message…”Sorry Cheats for taking so long, but…..” and it hit me. A community is not just a bunch of people doing the same thing, bound by the land they inhabit, by the burdens they bare, its ownership.  The feeling of being part of something that cannot be seen, but can be felt.  It’s a responsibility. Richmond is my community.  When I go out of town to do a show and I say, “I am from Richmond,” people’s eye’s light up. They say, “Oh word?  I hear it’s poppin out there!” Who ever would have thought right?  But then I think of all the amazing experiences, people, shows, work, inspiration, history, radio, everything that this place has made possible; and what we can and will accomplish next, and I get excited!  Because I know I’m going to be part of that!  I owe this city, we owe this city, but you know what?  WE OWN THIS CITY.  Its future is ours to chart, our standard to raise, our opportunity, take it or leave it!

I still hear people say “Richmond is full of haters cuz……” but rarely do I hear people say,”I hate this city” anymore. That in itself is a sign that change is and has been in the wind. Like Cheats says, “WE SEE IT.”  I, Black Liquid, am living proof that the people of Richmond do have each others back.  The love is real.  That’s one of the main reasons I work as hard as I do.  When we fail, when we fall short, we at least have earned and own the opportunity to do so, and we share the responsibility to try again.  It is our hard earned right,  my hard earned right.  A Community does not give up, a Community is not the luxury of expectation. It is the opportunity to exceed expectation, to grow, to define and redefine, to spend time, invest effort, to pay attention, to succeed.  After all, success is meant to be shared, and if you don’t know, true success is not the results, it’s the journey!  So I thank you Richmond, for sharing with me, growing with me, for showing me, pushing me, and most of all, for believing in me….like I believe in you!  I am proud to say: WE #RVA – Black Liquid, MC, Promoter, DJ