I’m an improviser with the Richmond Comedy Coalition. The moments right before we go onstage, we all make eye contact with one another and say, “I’ve got your back.” We have to mean it, because in seconds we’ll be onstage with no clue where that night’s show will take us. We’ve only got trust and unwavering support in each other to begin building a world together. We tell the same thing, “I’ve got your back,” to our guest monologists who join us for Richmond Famous, who – in a delightful sort of way – seem more nervous that they’ll hold up their end of the bargain than we will ours. At the end of the day, we all just want to make each other look good out there.

There’s power in telling our fellow humans, “I’ve got your back,” because it makes you vulnerable, and it makes you just as much a part of their process as anything else. My community of creative, talented, fiercely ambitious individuals grows every day in Richmond. If we keep raising each other up instead of standing back and judging, there is no telling where this city will go. To me, it’s trust and faith in each other that makes a community. – Katie Holcomb, Richmond Comedy Coalition