I belong to a circle of 216 interlinked paradigm shifters who are digitally connected through the social media platform of Facebook. although the internet seems intangible, we have grown to love each other in genuinely tangible ways. I am committed to preserving the authenticity of these deeply personal exchanges because of the inherent beauty within our sacred space. Here is where we share our thoughts, gather support for projects, consider each others’ opinions and inspire one another to keep moving forward when it seems that all hope is lost. I can see us forming links within links within links. The energy that makes this digital bond a tangible one is that we communicate daily and interact in real time. I live on the Northside of RVA, with a physical proximity to neighbors across and on either side but if I do not communicate with them regularly, how is this truly my community? I believe community is a group of people with the desire to expose one another to what we feel most passionate about in life and remain open enough to see how these experiences will shape our world view. It is in the act of communicating that we have found a community. — Maat Free, Vegan Iron Chef @ VEGI ♥ LUV and Guardian of African Ancestral Remembrance in RVA