Community means different things to different people. One person may classify it as the neighborhood they live in, while another person may see their network of direct financial and business interests as their community. A third grader may see his classmates as his loyal communal cohorts, and a college student may see her network of sorority sisters as her most relevant community. But even with this wide variety of individualized perspectives, all of these vantage points on the concept of “community” are correct.

This is because the concept of community is not absolute. Community, as with many things in life and beyond, is what you make it.

The key is to operate under a unified umbrella of “community” that reflects not only the diverse demographics of the larger effected populous but a holistic benevolence that should be the underlying rudiment of any communal claims made by any group, gathering or organization. The improvement of the whole of a “community” should be more important than individual accolades, and the resource holders have an obligation to redistribute those resources in an inclusive fashion throughout the whole of the expanded communal population.

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