Community is:

Community carries us to the next place of learning, growing understanding.

Community shows us how pissed we are at each other when something just isn’t right among us.

Community asks us to hold space for each other when we can’t hold it ourselves.

Community tells us to try again, or have a do-over.

Community asks us to add yet another seat at the table, and makes sure everyone is there, to find the others.

Community requires that we look inside ourselves and own our own shit so we can love and build what we know it is meant to be.

Community reminds that we are better together, that we find relief in leaning in, and in turn our hearts swell with a great gratitude that keeps the circle going.

Community melts us, and is messier than we imagined or hoped.

Community calls us to do what love asks, when it is joyful…especially when it is hard.

Community is the defining moment when we hold and see that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and we give ourselves over to it.

There can be no vulnerability without risk, there can be no community without vulnerability, there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.   –M Scott Peck

Patience Salgado is Kindness Girl: