I think community is the new family–family that you choose, with intention. It’s group of people working together, to build each other up and support each other for their higher purpose.

My community is my condo neighbors at Emrick Flats in Jackson Ward. My community is the downtown arts and music scene. My community is my yoga kula. And all of these work together to make up the greater RVA community–a place I’m proud to call home.

That’s the thing with community: you can be a part of as many as you want to invest in. Yes, invest! Because any community needs investment–your time, sweat, thoughts and ideas, enthusiasm, joy, and your caring–to reach its full potential. Yep, the one thing that every community needs is YOU. So speak your truth, make your mark, contribute, even shake things up. I guarantee that you–and your community–will be the richer for it. Peggy Myers Walz