I remember the days before social media in Richmond allowed everyone to have a collective voice; small pockets of community were formed in singularity as like minded individuals shared a common experience. Tribes of co-conspirators would rally around a thought or high minded conversation and run wild through the back alleys or slide through low brow, smoke filled, booze driven art parties. Somewhere in the haze, these pockets would bump into one another and mingle. Ideas were passed around and evolved. Leaders were made and followers followed; spun off to become leaders themselves. Ideas split and split again like atoms in atomic bombs and though the destruction, the rebirth and the destruction – got stronger. The old school became new school and in that process, these small pockets started to band together and started helping one another. The common theme was strength in numbers, the common enemy was a lack of community.

Then social media happened and people had a easy platform to profess their love of great food or art or music or anything else and the process sped up and spread quickly. Pocket folded into pocket and created a larger community of support made up of the collective individual. People taking pride in discovering and supporting their neighbor at the same time finding the uniqueness in themselves.

Who are you?

What are you into?

Why do you do what you do?

Today, these are the questions that this new version of our community has propagated and leads to the heart of what your question means to me – how can I help you? Because in the end, helping the local business or artist or musician helps everyone and that is the true backbone and definition of  a sustained community. -R Anthony Harris – RVA Mag