Com·mu·ni·ty: 1) A unified body of individuals, 2) Joint ownership or Participation, 3) Society at large

This is the definition Community. I looked this definition up to help me clarify in a few words what I truly believe my “Community” RVA is about. First, it says we are a unified body of individuals. We are the individuals and representers of RVA. For us to be considered a unified body you can see this every time you get off exit 74B (Franklin St.) or even the first sighting of VCU Campus. You see this every First Friday of the month or an event at Browns Island. This is what I called “Unified” and well as far as body, we are considered one of the “Most Tattooed City’s In America” so “Body” just comes with the territory of being a RVA resident. “Joint Ownership or Participation”, well we all own a part of RVA in some fashion whether you own a house or the local coffee shop we all have part in our city. Think about it, what in RVA “hasn’t” influenced you? Whether the quirky styles of downtown or the high scale luxurious ways of Short Pump we all seem to mimic our area but come together in the heart of the city for VCU games, Concerts, and events that bring the city together so we all take part in participation. As far as us becoming a “society at large” that comes with the future. We “R” VA and it show America more and more as time goes that we are our own community and we are not a good society, we are great and very large. Exactly 205, 533 thousand to be exact! RT, MC, TNJC