While the word itself literally means and derives from what we have in “common,” for me, the beauty of community is that it is a curated collection of a lot of cool differences. Each of us brings something unique. Different and differences need not be dirty words. Differences are rad. I may find many music, fashion, business or art choices of people I know truly ridiculous, but wow am I stoked those people are doing their thing because their contributions make us who we are. And they make me open an eye, perk an ear, turn a corner.

Each of our lives would be wildly less rich if we rejected the artistry of those around us. A community is blessed by all of it’s uncommon characteristics, and those elements emanate from the motley true beliefs, ideas, and expressions of it’s people.

Any group of people is always a technicolor patchwork of differences.

When we celebrate those differences, sparks fly and a community ignites. And that community sings, dances, rises and soars.